Dune (Premium)
Dune (Premium)
Dune (Premium)

Dune (Premium)

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Dune is a neutral to slightly understable midrange focused on better.

A better round. A better planet. A better future.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, Dune puts both you and the planet in a position to succeed.  For most it will fly dead straight or with a reliable hyzer flip 🤘

Learn more about the Dune here.

Weight: 170 - 175g

Flight Numbers: 5 | 5 | -1 | 0

Stamp: proudly unstamped for max sustainability and future recyclability.

All Trash Panda discs are manufactured in Denver, Colorado, with recycled plastics from various industries - automotive, medical, sporting goods, etc. Our “Premium” plastic is made from 100% recycled plastic, meaning no virgin plastic, no additives, nothin!


Every Dune from the first run weighs between 170-176g. Sky Blue, Golden Hour, Blurple, Snow, and Wild Caught Salmon were more commonly in the 174-176g range, while Sunset Orange, Fire Red, Ocean Blue, and Amethyst were more commonly in the 170-173g range. (Please note there are exceptions.)

Our recycled premium plastic (100% recycled TPU) feels exactly like the premium plastic discs you know and love - if not better.. 😉

The Dune is a premium, neutral midrange. For some it will be the straightest mid you’ve ever thrown, for others it will be a hyzer flip to flat dream, and for others it will have a slightly stable finish.

In other words, it’s basically the Inner Core of mids 😄

Yes! You can access the PDGA's official approval here: (https://www.pdga.com/technical-standards/equipment-certification/discs/dune)

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