The Nocturnal Box
The Nocturnal Box

The Nocturnal Box

Regular price$70.00

A holdable, throwable, smellable (if you really want) deep dive into the fascinating world of disc golf manufacturing!

Over the past 2 months, we locked ourselves in our warehouse with our new injection machine and started with the mold we know best - the Inner Core 🥏

The result?

Each Nocturnal Box has 5 unique Inner Cores organized chronologically in order of everything we learned about how to make a disc (plus an unboxing companion video) 👀

Colors vary, but every box is guaranteed to contain over $80 in value, including:

  • 1 of the first 1,000 discs we made on our new machine
  • 2 Baseline Inner Core
  • 2 Premium Inner Core

Limit: 1 per person
Please note: Due to high order volume, orders will ship within 10 business days.

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