By signing up for the disc swap, you're entered to win one of the following 18 raffle prizes:

Grip eq

2 winners

Winner #1:
Pink/Gray BX3 backpack + Grip hat

Winner #2
Sand G-Series bag + Grip Hat

Robbie C

1 winner

A 1 hour private lesson with Robbie C


1 winner

A 1 hour private lesson with Josh

Upper Park

1 winner

UpperParkShift disc golf bag. Choice of red/white/blue or Ocean Blue.


1 winner

1 FlighTowel Original – Trash Panda Edition
1 FlighTowel Mini – Trash Panda Edition
2 FlighTowel JRs – Trash Panda Edition
USUL kneepad
Some sweet FlighTowel stickers

Atlas disc supply

1 winner

An Atlas Pioneer V3 bag
20 assorted discs


1 winner

Glow-In-The-Dark Nate Perkins Night Strike Shirt
OTB Open Eclipse 2.0 Wave
OTB Glo ESP Buzzz
OTB Glo Z FlickEzra Aderhold Color Shift Nebula
Double Stamped Star Eagle
Lab Second Neutron Octane
Various OTB Swag

Powergrip USA

1 winner

Flying Plate Company Hat
Clash Discs Steady Wild Honey
Clash Discs Steady Cookie
Clash Discs Velcro Patch
Powergrip Stamped Innova Champion Leopard3
Powergrip Velcro Patch
20% off promo code

Visionary Disc Golf

1 winner

22’ wide x 10’ high Convertible Base

22’ wide x 10’ high Visionary Net (Red)
22’wide x 1’ high Visionary Net (Yellow)
10’ wide x 10’ high Visionary Net
10’ wide x 7’ high Visionary Net
7’ wide x 7’ high Visionary Net

Each net can be built using different pieces of the 22’ wide base (holds 1 net at a time).

Gander Disc Golf

1 winner

Custom Calvin Heimburg Champion Eagle
Custom Gander ‘Thunder Goose’ Nova
Whale Sac
Gander Waffle Knit Beanie

Disc Golf Brah

1 winner

DGB Trucker Hat
Iron Samauri III
"Wise Old Brah" Champ Destroyer
Bridgeport Disc Golf Champ Roc3,
DGB Towel.

Brixton disc golf

1 winner

The Golden Era box
(will ship upon release in Apr. 2023)

Circle 1 disc

1 winner
Green C1D Hoodie
"Spackle" C1D Boonie Hat
C1D Water Bottle

Hyzer Disc Racks

1 winner

One tall wood rack that fits 120+ discs and has two hooks for holding things.

Foundation disc golf

1 winner

Foundation Stamped Ti Undertaker
Foundation Stamped Ti Meteor
Foundation Stamped Z Metallic Raptor
UV Get Freaky Zone
Foundation Crazy Tuff UV Buzzz

Disc Revolution

1 winner

Mixed Bag Glow Set
Disc Revolution glow Zing minis X 2
Discmania Rainmaker, Eagle McMahon signature disc
Discraft Z Glo Zone, Eric Oakley signature disc
RPM Glow Atomic Piwakawaka
Discraft Z Glo Raptor
Kastaplast K1 Glow Grym X
Latitude 64 Slim Bag
Disc Revolution Whale Sac

Another Round

1 winner

"The (not so) Mystery Bag":
Custom Trooper bag
Six awesome discs
Bag patches
Another Round swag