Minis — Seconds (colors vary)

Minis — Seconds (colors vary)

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“Seconds” are the same product as Minis Made from Trash, but come out with small cosmetic flaws or blemishes (small air bubbles, incorrect numbering, etc.). While they may have blemishes, they’re actually better. . .

They’re cheaper!
They’re even more unique!
They eliminate waste!*

And every purchase not only supports Trash Panda directly, but also invests in the future growth of the sport sustainably!

(See product page for Minis for more details and FAQs.) 

*Some minis come out as “Thirds” and we simply throw them back into the shredder to re-recycle. Whereas we would never sell “thirds,” Seconds are in almost perfect condition and you might not even notice the cosmetic flaws, so rather than waste energy re-recycling them, we offer them for a discounted price.

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