Trash panda logos & style guide

On this page you'll find:

  • "Dos and Don'ts" for using our logo
  • Files to download our logo assets

If you have any questions at all about how to use our logo or require assets that aren't listed here please email with the subject line "Logos" 🤘

Our logo is designed to work best on a black or dark background. This is the "standard" version of the logo (column 1)

For cases where you're using it on a light or white background, we have a special "inverse" version of each logo (column 2)

Please DO NOT invert the logo yourself (column 3)

  • Use the logo in white-on-dark whenever possible
  • Use the "inverse" versions when a light background is required
  • Use the "inverse" versions when dyeing discs using darker dye
  • Turning the original logo black or another dark color for a light background
  • Squishing the logo horizontally or vertically
  • Using the standard logo when dyeing a disc using darker dye

Promise to try and follow the above guidelines?

Sweet, here are some files 😎

.PNG logo files

(All logos)


.SVG logo files

(All logos)


For disc dyers

(Inverse logos + some fun extras!)