Erika Stinchcomb Dune
Erika Stinchcomb Dune

Erika Stinchcomb Dune

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$5 from each Erika Dune will go directly to Erika.

Erika Stinchcomb x Trash Panda 😍

Our journey with Erika began when we crossed paths in early 2022, where a shared vision for disc golf and sustainability sparked an instant connection.

Months later and to our surprise, she started putting with our Baseline Inner Core (making her the first pro to bag a Trash Panda disc).

Thus, with a shared vision and mutual excitement for our discs, we couldn't think of a better founding member of our team than Erika.

She is more than a phenomenal disc golfer, and this sponsorship isn't just about the game.

It's about our shared commitment to a better future 👏

Follow Erika on Instagram here

All Trash Panda discs are manufactured in Denver, Colorado, with recycled plastics from various industries - automotive, medical, sporting goods, etc. Our “Premium” plastic is made from 100% recycled plastic, meaning no virgin plastic, no additives, nothin!


Every Dune from the first run weighs between 170-176g. Sky Blue, Golden Hour, Blurple, Snow, and Wild Caught Salmon were more commonly in the 174-176g range, while Sunset Orange, Fire Red, Ocean Blue, and Amethyst were more commonly in the 170-173g range. (Please note there are exceptions.)

Our recycled premium plastic (100% recycled TPU) feels exactly like the premium plastic discs you know and love - if not better.. 😉

The Dune is a premium, neutral midrange. For some it will be the straightest mid you’ve ever thrown, for others it will be a hyzer flip to flat dream, and for others it will have a slightly stable finish.

In other words, it’s basically the Inner Core of mids 😄

Yes! You can access the PDGA's official approval here: (

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