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J-Milly + Trash Panda = J-Mini 😆

From the moment we saw one of Josh’s (aka @jmillydg’s) videos, we knew he was doing things different .. a GREAT kind of different. 

So in early 2023, Jesse shot him a message and they struck up a friendship.

After countless conversations about YouTube, manufacturing, thumbnails, shortform content, crazy discs, ace runs at Johnny Roberts, etc., we couldn’t wait any longer to bring Josh on as an official member of Team Trash Panda.

Fun Fact: Josh actually sketched his logo by hand which our very own Tom, then, transformed into a final, vectorized logo 🔥

Check out the J-Milly YouTube channel here

Trash Panda minis are manufactured in Denver, Colorado, and are made from 100% recycled discs. Period.


Our minis are made from 100% post-industrial recycled plastic. We acquire it though a partnership we have with a Colorado supplier called Direct Polymers.

What happened to the swirls?

On industrial injection machines, the “plunger” is actually a reciprocating screw designed to create friction, move the plastic through the barrel, and blend the colors. The result? All colors are blended together to make one solid color. (Due to the nature of recycled plastic, however, minor impurities and/or swirls may occur.)

Yes, please visit https://trashpandadiscgolf.com/wholesale for more information

Yes, please visit https://trashpandadiscgolf.com/player-packs for more information

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