Ghost Stamps

disc golf ghost stamps

Shiny, sparkly, multicolored foil stamps bring a certain allure and sense of story to a piece of plastic. From tournament illustrations to tour-series discs—a specific stamp design can hold a special place in your heart (and your bag).

The result? Foil stamps are easily one of the coolest things about our sport.

But we don’t do them…. here’s why 👇

The fancy designs are done using a process called “hot foil stamping” (sometimes referred to as just “hot stamping”), which is a customizable printing method that is used in the beautification of all kinds of plastic products around the world - not just discs.

disc golf foil stamp examples

It works by transferring foil to a surface at high temperatures. Specifically, the foil itself is made up of: 

  • a thin layer of metal (yes, you read that right), and 
  • a bonding agent (polyethylene terephthalate or PET plastic). 

It’s particularly effective for disc golf discs given its design flexibility, the speed at which it can be done, and the fact that it’s extremely low-profile and doesn’t affect the feel or flight of a disc

Because of those things, almost every disc made today ends up with a hot foil stamp. 

But around the time we had our “final prototype” of our first 100% recycled disc golf disc  in 2022, we took a closer look and saw:

2 not-so-sustainable things about hot foil stamping 👇

1: It creates a looooot of excess waste

A full sheet of foil is placed over the disc, the design is stamped and the rest of the un-used sheet - which is commonly most of the sheet - becomes waste. 

In our research, we also found this waste to be impossible to recycle, and thus destined for the landfill.

But it doesn’t stop there.

2: Foil stamping affects the future recyclability of a disc

Through the stamping process, three materials are left present on a disc: the plastic type of the disc itself, the thin layer of metal, and the PET plastic bonding agent. 

When ground up together, the result creates contamination in the recycling process.

But it also doesn’t have to be this way.

disc golf mini on a stamping machine

Since creating the most sustainable discs possible is our #1 priority, we make our discs both out of 100% recycled plastic AND keep them 100% recyclable.

Early on, we made the decision to keep our discs blank and, thus, easily recyclable in the future. 

But recently we asked ourselves: what if we simply took the “foil” out of hot foil stamping?

The result...

Ghost Stamping

Ghost stamping a disc golf disc is when you apply a heated metal plate with your design directly to the disc with nothing in-between. 

No foil. No waste. No contamination.

disc golf ghost stamping

 Recycled. Customizable. Recyclable.

One day, we believe someone will crack the code to an innovative and sustainable method for adding colorful designs to discs that:

  1. doesn’t affect the discs’ future recyclability,
  2. creates minimal (and/or easily recyclable) waste, and 
  3. is scalable, repeatable, and sustainable.

But until then, we’ll stick to clean blank discs and the occasional ghost stamp.

Because at the end of the day — growing the sport sustainably is more important to us than any fancy foil design could ever be 🤘


Interested in a ghost stamp? You can check out our available ghost stamps in our store.

Interested in a custom ghost stamp? Email us at and we’ll work with you to make the most sustainable custom discs and minis out there!