Our partners

We can't grow the sport sustainably on our own. After all, "sustainability" comes in many different forms.

Because of that, we partner with likeminded brands and nonprofits to make ALL aspects of disc golf easier on the planet 🌎

Here's how 👇

Jomez Pro | Patent Pending Podcast

Looking for your new favorite podcast? Well, JomezPro and Trash Panda have you covered with our show “Patent Pending” 🚀


You know those little dots that go on chains to help you aim small and miss small? They are now made by us out of 100% recycled discs ♻️


Uplay teaches kids about our incredible sport — and each one of those kids walks away with a Trash Panda mini 🔥


What do you get when you combine 200+ course cleanups around the world with a handful of women’s clinics? One of our favorite brand partnerships! 📲

Pound Disc Golf

A premium disc golf bag designed and made in the USA with recycled materials? Yes. Yes. Yes.


Get this: they send us their scrap to recycle, we send them used discs to make into FlighTowels. A dream partnership ever since 2021 to say the least 👏


An affordable disc golf bag made from recycled billboards?! We thought we were dreaming the first time we heard of it too 🎒

Birdie fuel Coffee

It’s exactly what you think: coffee made by a disc golfer that donates proceeds from each bag to help clean our oceans. Check out Trash Panda Tanz for yourself ☕

Fill It Forward

What if simply refilling your reusable bottle could unlock a donation to water projects globally? Ever since 2021, our community has been doing just that and refilled over 26,000 times 🚰

Think we'd make a good partnership? Holler at us!

We're always looking for more ways to bring sustainability to all areas of our sport. If you're a business owner or are part of an organization that has that same goal — we'd love to hear from you!

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