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Whether your dog chewed it up, it spent a month at the bottom of a pond, or it just doesn't fly right for you anymore...

We want to help you recycle it.


As the sport grows, so does the demand for discs, which resulted in around 13 million discs sold worldwide in 2022 🥏

The problem? Plastic products have a less than 9% chance of being recycled and there has never been a system or program designed to recycle discs ♻️

To make matters worse, experts estimate that those plastics will remain on earth much longer than you and me, all while releasing harmful toxins in the process 🤯

The Solution 🙌

To combat as much plastic waste as we can, we will recycle your used discs by:

  • Grinding them down to make into new discs or disc golf products,
  • Working with our friends at FlighTowel to make recycled FlighTowels, and
  • Donating any that are still good to be thrown to schools in need through with our friends at Uplay.
For every disc you send us:

You get a percentage off of your next order!

  • 1-5 discs = 15% off
  • 6-15 discs = 25% off
  • 16+ discs = 35% off

We offset all carbon emissions made from sending in your recycled discs!