We believe that two things are true about every disc golfer ✌️

1: We love getting new discs, and

2: We have a bunch of used discs collecting dust at home!

So what if we combined those two truths and sprinkled in a little holiday cheer?

Enter: The fourth annual Holiday Used Disc Swap

it's so simple:

Step 1: Sign Up
Step 2: Give a Disc
Step 3: Get a Disc

Just signing up gets you a raffle ticket 🎟

To win one of 19 INCREDIBLE prizes, Including the DGPT Pro Shop Grand Prize worth over $1,200 🤯

Watch this video for all the details

past swaps included


This year, anyone from the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand can join, and we're not capping the number of people who can register 🔥

This year's sponsors


To learn more about Premium Plastic discs and a list of examples, go here.

Anyone who lives in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand

We will make sure you only have to ship within your country or region to keep shipping costs as low as possible.

Translation: don’t worry, if you live in Norway you won’t be sending something to someone in Canada.

Once you have completed and submitted the registration form, you will receive an email confirmation that you are signed up! Please email info@trashpandadiscgolf.com if you need help with your registration.

No. We love the holiday cheer but please only sign up once! Thank you.

That's absolutely ok! Please make sure each individual registrant signs up with a different email address. Having the same shipping address won't be an issue!

The form will close on November 17th at 5pm MT.

You will receive your assignment email by November 22nd.

ASAP! Once you've received your assignment email, we request that you send out your disc(s) within 1 week.

ABSOLUTELY! Spread the cheer as much as you want :)

Note: the requirement is to send one premium plastic used disc, so even if you send extra it is most likely that you will still only receive one.

Nope! While you can request a general type and stability, the actual disc you'll receive is up to the sender. The fun is to share something you already have and try out something new. Who knows?! The disc you never knew you needed may show up!

That’s not a problem at all! It’s really to be expected with used discs. The only thing we’d suggest is trying to get your number off (with the toothpaste, acetone, etc. tricks) or covering it up!

We expect shipping to be slow around the holidays, but if you don’t receive a disc by January 2nd, then please reach out to us at info@trashpandadiscgolf.com and we will do our best to make it right! (Please do not reach out before January 2nd.)

Yes! The only information that will be shared will be your name, and address (phone number for international only), and disc type desired so someone else can send you a disc. All other information provided will be private.

(To be clear: you will not send a disc to the same person for privacy reasons.)

Everyone who signs up and participates in the Holiday Used Disc Swap is automatically entered!

If you submit your tracking, you will be entered for each raffle prize TWICE!

Raffle winners will be announced two weeks after registration closes. Winners will be emailed directly, and a post will go up on our Instagram as well.

To send your tracking number and be entered in the raffle twice, fill out this form here.