2023 holiday gift guide ☃️

Disc golfers can be reeeally tough to shop for...

So we've put together a straightforward guide so that you can easily find the perfect sustainable gift for the disc golfer in your life ♻️ 🥏

(Or yourself. . that's ok too 😉)

Here are our holiday favorites👇

Tried and true
discs and minis!

Made from 100% recycled plastic, our discs and minis are good for anyone from a beginner to a pro and great for the planet 🌎

stocking stuffers

Scientific fact (we think): discs fly better when the bag they live in looks really cool.

good ol'

Sustainably sourced, made with care, and designed to wear on or off the course 🤘

more stuff, less $$

Gifts that tell a story.

Each bundle is uniquely rooted in an aspect of Trash Panda's history.

And if they're pretty picky,
Gift Cards!

Here's what each denomination can buy:

$25 = any disc
$50 = 2 discs or a disc and some merch!
$100 = major brownie points for you 😂

happy holidays to you and yours from the Trash panda team ❤️