Fill It Forward Reuse Tracker (Classic Logo)

Fill It Forward Reuse Tracker (Classic Logo)

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Trash Panda has partnered with Fill It Forward to keep single use plastics off of the disc golf course while making an impact larger than ourselves.

Every time you refill your water bottle and scan the barcode in the Fill It Forward App, you unlock a donation to help bring people around the world access to clean water! As if that wasn’t good enough, the App also tracks your individual and our collective group’s impact on the environment.

One refill today; a life changed tomorrow!

To join us, grab one for yourself or a few for your friends and family! 


Absolutely! As long as you have access to the App/Google Play store, you can use this. (And we’ll ship it to you at no extra cost!)

A minimum of $.02 is donated with each scan.

Fill It Forward funds donations through product sales and corporate partners. See their giving model here. (To be clear: when you use the reuse tracker, you are not responsible for donations.)

Each donation goes to one of Fill It Forward’s charitable partners: WaterAid, charity: water, DIGDEEP, Water First, and Wine to Water.

To be included in the Trash Panda group inside the app, you will need to get a sticker.

Yes. To get the most out of the sticker, we suggest hand washing your reusable bottle.

We’ve got you covered!!

The in-App experience provides a ton of awesome data, including a leaderboard. In the Trash Panda group, we can see which disc golfer has reused the most. I’m not saying I’ll always be on the top, but just try and knock me off ;)

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