Our Impact

In everything we do here at Trash Panda, our mission is to grow the sport sustainably. From our product itself to our packaging materials—we make decisions with the planet as our very first consideration.

100% Recycled plastic

Every mini and disc that we produce is made from 100% recycled plastic.

Our plastic is sourced through a partnership with a Denver-based recycler and is engraved on the bottom of each disc so that it's easy to recycle as well.

As of November 2022, Trash Panda has diverted over 10,000 lbs of plastic from landfills... and we're just getting started 😎

Sustainable shipping

All of our packaging materials are sustainable and sourced in the Denver-area as well.

From the boxes themselves and the paper tape they're secured with, down to the organic algea ink used to print on each box — every package you recieve from us is carefully sourced with the planet in mind.

Stamp-free discs

Stamps are cool. We agree.

Unfortunately, hot-stamping is one of the more wasteful parts of the disc manufacturing process.

Not only does it create excess and waste that is unrecycleable, but it also effects the future recycleability of the disc. Maybe one day we'll find a good alternative, but until then, we're unwaveringly stamp-free baby 🤘


With your help, our annual Holiday Used Disc Swap has resulted in over 5,000 old discs finding a new home and our first ever Earth Day Disc Dyeing Competition saved 10,000lbs of trash from our oceans.

We're really proud of our community rallying behind our mission, and can't wait to what's next!


From FlighTowel's made from old, beat up, and unwanted discs to Atlas Pioneer bags with minor defects, we are incredibly proud to partner with some of our favorite brands in the sport!