Inner Core (Baseline)
Inner Core (Baseline)
Inner Core (Baseline)
Inner Core (Baseline)

Inner Core (Baseline)

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Our baseline plastic is a tackier, grippier version of the Inner Core 🙌

Made from a combination of 100% recycled TPE and natural minerals, our new sustainable "baseline" plastic is perfect for those looking to putt with Trash Panda!

Flight Numbers: 2 | 4 | -0.5 | 0

Black: 168 - 171g
Grey: 170 - 173g
Off-White: 170 - 173g

All Trash Panda discs are manufactured in Denver, Colorado, with recycled plastics from various industries - automotive, medical, sporting goods, etc. Our “Baseline” blend additionally utilizes a small amount of a natural mineral called Calcium Carbonate, which can be found in limestone, egg shells, and fun fact: is the only ingredient in TUMS!

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