Inner Core
Inner Core
Inner Core

Inner Core

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(5 disc maximum)


Our goal was to make a premium putter for everyone that flew dead straight, didn't use a single additive, and remained 100% recycled and recyclable. And we feel we accomplished just that!

Flight Numbers: 2 | 4 | -0.5 | 0

Weight: All discs are between 165-170g. (This disc is the greatest finesse coach out there.)

Color: These are all blue. (The color is based on whatever the regrind / trash was we received.. As we like to say, we don't choose the color, the color chooses us.)

Stamps: The Inner Core does not have a hot stamp but takes dye like a dream. (Unfortunately, hot-stamps are an extremely wasteful part of the disc manufacturing process, and effect the future recyclability of our discs as well.)


Due to the nature of making a product out of trash, our discs may have minor cosmetic flaws and blemishes.

We still maintain a high quality control standard, and can assure that any minor blemishes will not affect the flight of the Inner Core.

The World's first 100% recycled disc.

Watch the documentary for the full story behind the Inner Core.


We source our plastic through a partnership with a local recycler here in Denver.

The recycled plastic we're currently using feels exactly like other premium plastic discs (if not better.. 😉 )

Yes! The first run will all be made from a regrind that's a deeper blue than Jesse's eyes 😏

Since we don't use virgin additives to add weight, they are all between 165-170g. (There is no option to choose your weight at this time.)

Hot stamping is unfortunately one of the more wasteful parts of the disc manufacturing process. Not only does it create excess and waste that is unrecycleable, but it also effects the future recycleability of the disc. Until we find a better solution, the Inner Core will be unstamped.

However, our plastic takes dye really well, which does not effect the recyclability. So if you're looking to put a cool design on your Inner Core, that is always an option 😎

Yes! You can access the PDGA's official approval here:(

2 | 4 | -0.5 | 0

The Inner Core flies dead-straight with a nice soft finish when thrown between a 2-4 speed.

We're as sick of the "It holds any line you put on it" cliche when describing disc flight as you probably are, but it really does just that.

There is a tiny change in the mold to make our manufacturing process more efficient. No changes were made to the shape of the disc, so they'll fly just the same as the first run.

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