The Horizon Tee
The Horizon Tee
The Horizon Tee

The Horizon Tee

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New logo, but same Trash Panda 😏 So of course, new Trash Panda tees! 

Printed on 100% cotton, with a light and soft feel, we have affectionally coined this 'The Horizon Tee' because we cannot be more excited for what is yet to come at Trash Panda. 

4 years in the making and we are more determined than ever to continue to grow this sport we love so much, more sustainably. Cheers to what the next 4 years at Trash Panda brings 🖤

These shirts are made intentionally from the cotton used to how the cotton is sourced along with a mindful and responsible supply chain process. Because every little action counts ✨

The tees come from As Colour, a brand who focuses on 3 main initiatives: Business Social Compliance that holds companies and factories to a high standard within their supply chain; The Better Cotton Initiative to source all cotton products intentionally, responsibly, and sustainably; and partnering with Reemi non-profit which focuses on health education for women and supplying educational and sustainable products. 

On top of that, our shirts are printed in the US by our friends at Paragon Disc Golf.

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