Disc Recycling Program

Giving your old discs a new purpose in life ♻️

Whether your dog chewed it up, it spent a month at the bottom of a pond, or it just doesn't fly right for you anymore...

We want to help you recycle it.


As the sport grows, so does the demand for discs. ~13 million discs were sold worldwide in 2022.

Plastic products have a less than 5% chance of being recycled. So we're on a mission to change that.

Environmentalists estimate that it takes over 1,000 years for one piece of plastic to decompose 🤯

The Solution

To combat as much plastic waste as we can, we take your used discs and:

  • Donate to our partners at UPlay,
  • Send them over to FlighTowel to be used in products, or
  • Regrind them up to make into new discs or disc golf products
For every disc you send us:

You get a percentage off of your next order!

  • 1-5 discs = 15% off
  • 6-15 discs = 25% off
  • 16+ discs = 35% off