We're here to grow the sport sustainably

And we're stoked that you're here to join us 🌎

our team



Jesse started Trash Panda in his garage in 2020, and the rest was history!


Head of Experience

Kelle is the one who keeps everyone happy, and keeps the wheels a-turnin here at TP.


Head of Marketing

Tom joined the team full time in August 2022. He makes stuff look pretty.


Head of Operations

If you've bought a disc from us, it has likely been through Kyle's hands!


Research & Development

Our disc designer extraordinaire. Chris works with Jesse to prototype, design, and create the molds that we use to make our discs.

Jesse here, Trash Panda's Founder 👋

Today, we have an incredible team of people that keeps us at the forefront of sustainability in disc golf — but it wasn't always that way.

I started Trash Panda in 2020 out of my garage in Littleton, Colorado.. but the idea for Trash Panda really came in 2008.

As a passionate disc golfer, I started to wonder why more recycled plastics weren’t used in the sport—like what about a disc made from trash found in a landfill? or the ocean?!

So naturally… I did nothing.

For 12 years, I waited for someone else to do something.

Over that time, I became a content consumer (read: I watch way too much YouTube), I grew as a maker, I started to give a damn about our planet, and I became (even more) enamored with disc golf. The collision of these things slowly laid the groundwork for Trash Panda—which is now equal parts my passion and my pleasure.

From day one, Trash Panda has been—and will always be—a movement of people committed to growing the sport sustainably.

Welcome to the movement.