Dune (Premium) Seconds
Dune (Premium) Seconds

Dune (Premium) Seconds

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When you throw a Dune, we can guarantee it will be good for your game AND great for the planet. Dune seconds take that promise to the next level!

Our seconds come out with a small cosmetic flaw (think slight texture on the rim or the injection point being more prominent). Even with these minor imperfections, these discs fly, feel, and function just like a 'regular' disc. 

By purchasing a second, you are giving an already recycled disc a second (see what we did there?) chance. Each second is stamped on the bottom using a rubber ink stamp. 

Learn more about the DUNE here.

Weights: All discs are between 170 - 174g

Flight Numbers: 5 | 5 | -1 | 0

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