By signing up for the disc swap, you're entered to win one of the following 19 raffle prizes:

Grip eq

1 BX3 Series Disc Golf Bag

Powergrip USA

1 Simon Lizzotte SIGNED Hexlotl, 1 Special Edition Glitsch, and 1 Compression Sleeve

Pound Disc Golf

1 Pound x Bushnell "Toolbox" (made in the USA)

Hyzer Disc Racks

1 Wood Rack (fits 120+ discs and has two hooks for holding things)

Whale Sacs

4 Tina Oakley's Hybrid Furys (unique stamps) and 1 Whale Sac

Renu Disc Golf

1 Renu EcoPack1 (made from recycled billboards)

Another Round

4 Discs, 1 DGA TRVRS LT Bag, and Some AR Swag

Visionary Disc Golf

1 16’w x 10’h Visionary Net

(this version is not available for purchase and used exclusively for the DGPT warmup area)!

Upper Park

One Pinch Pro (made of certified recycled materials)

Foundation disc golf

5 Custom Stamped, Limited Run Discs ("Cave" Stamped Glitch, "Future" Stamped Passion, "Ruins" Stamped FD, "Sea" Stamped Destroyer, "Combo" Stamped Buzzz)

Armory Disc Golf

2 "Ninja Tree" Feedbacks, 1"Dawnbringer Angel" UFO, 1 Swirl Dyed Dune, 1"Aslan" Goat, 1 Dry Sack, 1 Hat, and 1 Mini

Disc Golf Pins

6 Pins (Summer of George, Throw Hard, Caution Flying Discs, Bogey Be Gone, Snowman, Grip it and Rip it)

5 Patches (Spirit of Disc Golf, Zombie, Parked, Back of the Box, Birdie Hunt)

1 Crazy Caddy Disc Golf Game


2 Trash Panda FlighTowels, 2 FT Minis, 1 FT Junior, and 3 Mini Markers (all made with recycled discs)


  • 5 Discs, 1 Hat, and Some OTB Swag

Atlas disc supply

1 "Factory Second" Pioneer V3 Bag, 1 Practice Bag, 1 Bag of Coffee, and 1 Chalk Ball and Grip Pouch

Disc Golf Brah

1 DGB Crewneck and 1 DGB x WOB Hoodie

Disc Revolution

2 DR Jerseys, 1 Discmania Mind Bender, and 1 Discmania Horizon MD1

Circle 1 disc

$125 Gift Card

Raffle winners will be notified by email on December 1st.