Inner Core (Premium) Seconds
Inner Core (Premium) Seconds
Inner Core (Premium) Seconds
Inner Core (Premium) Seconds
Inner Core (Premium) Seconds
Inner Core (Premium) Seconds

Inner Core (Premium) Seconds

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Color + Weight

What's more sustainable than a disc made from 100% recycled plastic? An Inner Core (Premium) Second made from 100% recycled plastic 😎

So, what are seconds?

Seconds are discs that came out with a small cosmetic flaw (think slight texture on the rim or the injection point being more prominent). Even with these minor imperfections, these discs fly, feel, and function just like a 'regular' disc.

Plus, there's a neat ink stamp on the bottom OR a ghost stamp on the top of each one thanking you for giving it a second lease at life.

What's not to love? 

Weight: 162 - 169g

All Trash Panda discs are manufactured in Denver, Colorado, with recycled plastics from various industries - automotive, medical, sporting goods, etc. Our “Premium” plastic is made from 100% recycled plastic, meaning no virgin plastic, no additives, nothin!


We don’t use hot foil stamping on our discs due to its unsustainable process and how it affects the future recyclability of each disc.

Instead, our “Seconds” are hand stamped on the bottom of the disc using a rubber stamp and a small amount of ink, which does not affect the recyclability of the disc.

Absolutely! :)

We source our plastic through a partnership with a local recycler here in Denver.

The recycled plastic we're currently using feels exactly like other premium plastic discs (if not better.. 😉 )

Yes! You can access the PDGA's official approval here:(

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The Inner Core flies dead-straight with a nice soft finish when thrown between a 2-4 speed.

We're as sick of the "It holds any line you put on it" cliche when describing disc flight as you probably are, but it really does just that.

All orders typically ship within 5 business days.

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